Jarrett Street 12 is located in north Portland at the corner of N Interstate Avenue and N Jarrett Street along the MAX light rail line. The project is a 7,200 sf, 12-unit affordable housing project whose for sale units were all offered at below market rates through the City of Portland SDC Exemption Program that assists developers by reducing their development costs when building affordable residential housing. In addition to highly efficient planning to respond to small and challenging site, the project utilized modular construction in order to minimize construction time and budget. The result is an innovative development that helps address the City's affordable housing crises. 

The simple massing is a response to the extremely tight site and zoning constraints. The overall site area is a mere 3,900sf. This along with the rear and side yard setback requirements required a highly efficient floor plan. The building is comprised of three 2,538 sf floors with 4 units on each floor. The unit mix includes 6 one-bedroom units, 4 large studios ('open' one-bedrooms), and 2 small studios. The building is served by a single stair.

Modular construction was utilized to minimize construction time and budget, and as a way to address the lack of site area for construction mobilization and staging. The project is comprised of 15 modular units that were manufactured in Aumsville, Oregon about 60 miles south of Portland. Transportation and setting of the modular units spanned over a two day period.

The building's design is marked by an overlapping cladding detail that gives a subtle stratified appearance to the massing. As the project was designed to meet the City of Portland Community Design Standards, the overlapping detail offered an innovative approach to a number of design requirements (building base, cornice, etc.).

Project Information

Location  /  Portland, Oregon
Type  /  Multi-family housing
Size  /  7,200 sf, 12 units
Status  /  Completed 2017
Role  /  Architect of Record & Design Architect
Cost  /  $1.1 million

2019 Small Project Award, The American Institute of Architects