The Skyline Residence is located on a densely wooded 5 acre site in the Tualatin Mountains about 7 miles northwest of Portland's city center. The site is bound by Skyline Boulevard and Forest Park. The secluded and wooded nature of the site provides the opportunity for the residence to have a high degree of transparency and connection with the landscape.

The project is comprised of three programmatic bars - garage/studio bar, living bar, and bedroom bar - that are stacked on a low plinth. The bars are organized to create three distinct outside spaces - a forecourt, a covered entry court, and a great lawn and pool area. The garage/studio and living bars are spaced fifty feet apart and sit parallel to each other on opposite sides of the plinth. The bedroom bar is then stacked on top bridging between the two lower bars creating the covered entry court below and the boundary between the two main zones of the plinth. This configuration creates a framed view of the landscape and establishes the buildings fundamental relationship to its site.

Each bar is unique programmatically and in the way they connect the surrounding outdoor spaces and natural landscape. The garage/studio bar has two primary orientations. The garage portion, which makes up two thirds of the bar, is oriented toward the forecourt; and the studio, which is a completely glazed and oriented toward the pool area and great lawn. The studio is also connected to the entry court and can serve as a guest suite.

The living bar is the most transparent of the three bars and projects out into the landscape. It contains the main entry to the house, the living, dining and kitchen areas, a library, and a below grade media room. The main living area is located at the end of the bar and provides the most direct relationship to the surrounding landscape.

The bedroom bar bridges between the two lower bars and can be accessed from both via internal stairs. It is comprised of a master bedroom suite and three additional bedroom suites all with commanding views of the landscape. The bedroom bar also provides access to two roof decks - a main shared roof deck over the living bar and a smaller roof deck for the master bedroom suite over the studio.

The cladding for the project is a dark manganese ironspot brick. Two brick textures are used. A rough faced brick is used for the long elevations, while a smooth faced brick is used for the end elevations. This provides the stacked bar and plinth composition with a subtle juxtaposition of surface texture and helps define the individual scale of the formal elements.

Project Information

Location  /  Portland, Oregon, USA
Type  /  Single-family residence
Size  /  10,539 sf
Status  /  In-progress
Role  /  Architect of Record & Design Architect
Cost  /  undisclosed