The project is a new spa for Vomo Resort on Vomo Island, Fiji.  The first phase includes two double treatment rooms, a reception area and a central courtyard. The site is located in a thick stand of broad canopy tropical trees and coconut palms on the spectacular lowland peninsula of Vomo Island.  The history books talk about Vomo as a haven for early shipping expeditions. Today, it is a botanical haven and a natural oasis, and these qualities were key considerations in the planning of the spa. 

The project orders elemental stone walls (boundary and internal), water and botanical gardens and folded roofs around a raised courtyard platform. The traditional big roof of the Pacific region is reinterpreted and reinvigorated by contemporary geometry and designed to capture cooling sea breezes. The walls organize interior and exterior space and generate controlled views that vary from a long axial entry view to open courtyard views and private treatment room views. The water and botanical gardens appear throughout the project, working their way into every space and view.

The courtyard, traditionally uncommon in the Pacific, is re-worked in its new context. It is used not only as a means to mediate the climatic environment but to build on the idea of a calm and secluded tropical oasis

Project Information

Location  /  Vomo Island, Fiji
Type  /  Resort spa
Size  /  5,300 sf
Status  /  Phase 1 completed 2014
Role  /  Architect of Record & Design Architect
Cost  /  undisclosed

2015 Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Award in Architecture - Merit Level, AIBC Architectural Awards
2015 Small Project Award, AIA Portland Architecture Awards