Our brief was to design a villa on Vomo Island that assists Vomo Island Resort in becoming recognized as one of the preeminent luxury hotels in the world. And, in doing so create a sustainable architecture that responds to guest expectations of the South Pacific and expands the “myth” the tropical paradise to produce something unique to Fiji. 

Site Planning
Two single suites (4 square grid) and one living suite (9 square grid) make up the villa. The villa is the first of a planned series of villas to extend around Vomo Island’s peninsula. The villa is designed to engage with the peninsula’s interior ‘common’ garden as well as the beach and ocean. Each villa is parallel to the next but angled at 30 degrees to the front boundary. The angle increases privacy between neighboring villas while maintaining long uninterrupted views down the beach.

Masonry walls organize the landscape into a series of areas that vary in size and orientation. The walls are seen as an extension of the ground plane. They are covered in climbing bougainvillea so that in time they appear intertwined with the landscape. The spaces created by the walls range in function, degree of enclosure, privacy and intimacy, and in their connection with the surrounding environment.


Partitions of various types; hedges, timber shutters, screens and sliding glass doors are used to broaden the functionality and aesthetic complexity of the walled spaces. They provide a flexibility that allows the building to respond both to local conditions and the need for a self–contained world.

The familiar big roof of the pacific is re-interpreted by contemporary geometry as it is split open to reveal private courtyards and capture cooling sea breezes.

Uncommon in Oceania, the courtyard is re-conceptualized in this new context. Varying in size and function the courtyards help to mediate the climatic environment. They are considered a kind of oasis that should be capable of nourishing visceral, intellectual and physical pleasures.

Project Information

Location  /  Vomo Island. Fiji
Type  /  Luxury resort villa
Size  /  5,975 sf (includes conditioned and non-conditioned space)
Status  /  Completed 2008
Role  /  Architect of Record & Design Architect
Cost  /  $965,000

2008 Gold Award, Design Institute of New Zealand BEST Design Awards